Do you feel like you have tried absolutely everything to lose weight but nothing seems to work?

Are you ready to boost your metabolism and lose while eating the foods you love?

Are you sick of always feeling like you're "falling off track"?

For years I struggled with trying the next best fad diet. I would try a new diet every few weeks and give up as soon as I didn't see any results. If I did lose a few pounds, I was ecstatic but once I stopped dieting I gained the weight right back.

Worst of all, these diets restricted me from enjoying my favourite foods.

What is a life with no ice cream? Not a sustainable one that's for sure! Because I was so restricted from the foods I love, I struggled with binge eating for many years.

The good thing is that you are not alone, we have all tried diets and failed numerous times. Even if you have tried and failed numerous times, you can still get GREAT results now.

Now, I want to teach you that it is possible to eat all of the foods you love while increasing metabolism and burning fat.

I know exactly how you feel!


I remember when I was in your shoes...









✓ You feel like you have tried absolutely everything to lose weight.

✓ You are sick of restricting yourself from your favourite foods.

✓ You are someone who is tired of constantly falling on and off the wagon.

✓ You want to end the vicious cycle of overeating or binge eating.

✓ You are serious about making a lifestyle change.

✓ You want to look in the mirror and feel confident in whatever clothes you are wearing.

✗ You are looking for a quick fix or overnight results.

✗ You are not ready to commit to making a lifestyle change.

✗ You are not very serious about reaching your goals.

✗ You constantly use "I don't have time" as an excuse.

✗ You do not want to make health and fitness a priority.

✗ You are not willing to invest in yourself.


This is NOT for you if:

This is for you if:

Client love letters:

"For a long time, I had been trying to lose weight and tone up. I tried what felt like a million different things and finally came about hiring Olivia as a coach. This was a decision that I am so happy I made! The whole experience gave me a completely different perspective on healthy living and how to hit my goals in a sustainable way! I was able to eat more than I ever thought possible, feel more confident in the gym and see results without feeling deprived or tired! It has been a few months since finishing up my time with Olivia, but I am still using all the tips and tricks I gained through my time with her!"

- Ali A.

- Jomie N

Client love letters:

"I just wanna thank Olivia for being so supportive in this journey. She has helped and motivated me to look after myself. I know I haven’t been really able to follow everything, but Liv ensured I still get all the necessary information. She’s been there for me since day 1 and the support I’ve been getting was really amazing. If there’s one thing I can say about the BBB program, TOTALLY WORTH IT! LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE. There is nothing more worth investing than YOURSELF. Highly recommend Olivia, and you will get all the support from all the amazing ladies in the community! Don’t focus on just losing weight, the program isn’t just all about that, it’s about LOVING YOURSELF AND FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. Stay proud! xx"

- Taryn C.

Client love letters:

"Before I started the program, I was lacking motivation in the gym and struggling with a BALANCED diet. Often I found myself eating healthy, but had the “all or nothing” mentality once I had one “guilty” food. Olivia taught me ways to overcome this during my program, and always provided great advice that was relative to where I was in my fitness journey. I loved that I could eat ice cream multiple times a week and not feel guilty about it! Throughout the program I improved my relationship with food and became stronger, all while toning up my body and losing fat! I really appreciated the Olivia was very actively involved with me throughout the whole program to make changes based on my own needs. If anyone is considering the program, my only advice would be to commit to it because you will not be disappointed with the results, whether they be visible or invisible. You will also be very surprised with how much you learn about your body, how to fuel your body, and how to strengthen it. The skill I learned have been long lasting and I’ve been able to utilize them on my own now thanks to Olivia!"

>> A workout program including cardio and weight training, gym or home (only dumbbells required for at home workouts) so you never need to create your own workout plan.

>> Customized macronutrient plan and nutritional guide so you can start to see results right away while eating your favourite foods. (Includes a grocery list, meal plan ideas, recipes, and so much more).

>> Weekly check-ins to assess progress and make sure you are moving towards your goals.

>> A private Built by Balance community so you know you are supported by other incredible women who are on their fitness journey.

>> Video content and PDF's delivered to you weekly to ensure you are continuously being educated throughout your journey to truly make this lifestyle change.

What's Included?


What our clients are saying:

What was your biggest win this week?

"I put on a bikini for the first time since this program and I am IN LOVE WITH MY BODY! I know that there is still a bit more hard work to do, but I am so excited with my results and so happy with the way I look - I was even comfortable being in a bathing suit around friends, which hasn't been the case in a while!!"


"I've already started looking at bathing suits for this summer - which mentally and emotionally EXCITES ME rather than overwhelms and depresses me. I'm starting to feel good in my skin and I can't wait to find a suit to show off my hard work!"


"My progress pictures!!! I think this is the best I have ever looked!!! I want to continue to shrink my belly, grow the booty and gain muscle on my arms."


"I've developed such a huge love for my body and my curves and I love that I am so motivated to change the things that were previously hindering my confidence."


Before / after


Before / after

Before / after

Before / after

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Before / after

Before / after

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The 5 steP Balance Method

Learning weight training and cardio fundamentals will allow you to have effective workouts at home or at the gym. These workouts are targeted towards lowering your body fat percentage, increase your muscle mass, and increasing your confidence with your workouts.

Get your mindset wired for success! You will work on how you think about yourself on a daily basis so you can see not only physical progress, but mental progress. We will work on mindset strategies that will allow you to accomplish your goals even when the motivation fades.

Self Development


Create long term momentum by looking at habit implementation and strategies to  create consistency. We cover what's next and how to continue holding yourself accountable to continue reaching your goals as they evolve. This creates the long term results long success long after the program is completed.

We will dig deep into how you feel about yourself to increase your self confidence and self love. You will learn the importance of falling in love with yourself  and your body at all stages. Once we do the the inner work you will be able to show up better in all areas of your life; work, friendships, relationships, etc.

You will learn all about counting macros, so you can lose weight and enjoy the foods you love. Diving deep into nutrition will answer all of your questions about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat so they have clarity on the proper way to fuel your body.

Proper Nutrition

Effective Exercise

Mindset Practices






Meet coach Olivia

Hi Love! My name is Olivia Ostrom, and I am the creator of Built by Balance. I created BBB because I was tired of seeing women try countless diets, restrict themselves from yummy food, and spend so much time working out while hardly seeing any results. I struggled with all of these things for many, many YEARS. Now that I am on the other side, and I have found BALANCE, I wanted to create an all-inclusive program where I could lead you to find food freedom, teach you how to enjoy moving your body, and truly make a sustainable lifestyle change. Built by Balance is everything I wish I had when I was starting my fitness journey. I can't wait to guide you along in this journey and support you inside of BBB! I'll see you inside! xo

My name is Cait Hoyler and I have been a macro-based weight loss coach since 2018, helping women lose weight in a sustainable manner that gives REAL results. I have been a registered nurse since 2013 and in 2018 I left to create my own business helping women around the world feel incredible in their own skin with a healthy relationship with food! I have my Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification and my Macro Nutrition certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I used to struggle with having to cut our X Y & Z when trying to lose weight & that left me frustrated & back to where I started. I knew there had to be a better way and that's when I found macros years ago which changed my life forever! I look forward to helping you absolutely THRIVE over these next few months!

MEET Assistant
coach CAIT

Your Coaches!

Questions? we got you!

How much is Built by balance?

We have a few different price options available to make saying "YES" to yourself even easier. 

There are more details regarding the investment options in the application!

When will you offer built by balance again?

We want to make sure that every client gets the individualized support they need and deserve. The amount of support inside Built by Balance is unparalleled to other programs, so we only open up BBB when we have the capacity to take on new clients! 

Can I do my workouts at home? If so, what equipment do I need?

Absolutely, we want Built by Balance to fit your lifestyle so we can definitely provide you with at home workouts. For at home workouts, all you need is dumbbells! We recommend having at least a couple of sets of dumbbells as variety in weights will help you challenge yourself further, the BBB team can absolutely help you choose weights that are best for you!

What makes this different than other programs?

We provide you with a customized macro nutrition program, weekly check-ins for continuous support, biweekly group coaching calls, an exclusive community only for the Built by Balance ladies, at home + gym workouts inside the BBB app, and weekly modules to continue to educate you throughout your journey. Unlimited support from myself and the support coaches. 

How long are the workouts?

Our workouts are typically around 45-60 minutes!

If you need shorter workouts that fit your schedule better, we can do that too!

How long do I have
access to the modules?

You will receive lifetime access to the modules as well as all future updates!

I have more questions - can I contact olivia?

Absolutely! You can send Olivia an email at or you can send her a DM on Instagram!

join us inside bbb

If you are here looking at this page, it's because you REALLY desire change and you want to feel confident when you look in the mirror again.

The results and success that you see on this page is 100% possible for you too, you just have to take the leap.