My name is Olivia Ostrom, I am an Online Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about teaching you how to find balance and freedom from food while still losing weight.

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When I think back to my hesitation to invest in myself and my health I realize it's one of my proudest decisions. I can finally say I've found my confidence, my self-love and have gained so much knowledge. This is what I was dreaming of - not only how I look but how I feel. I am so grateful to have had Olivia by my side throughout my fitness journey and I will say forever that EVERY woman deserves to put herself first and INVEST in her health! 

- Summer S.

All around the ultimate girl you want by your side coaching you through mental barriers and physical goals. Olivia taught me so much about tracking + counting macros - something I’ve always be intrigued by but never understood. She helped keep me accountable while offering support , and gave me the confidence + knowledge to continue my journey on my own. Do yourself a huge favour + connect with this girl because I promise it will be something you will not regret."

- Krista B.

Within the 12 weeks of BBB, I gained knowledge as well as the confidence to start feeling good about my body again. I shed the stubborn 6-7 pounds I had gained in the last year and finally started wearing jeans again. Although my photos didn’t show a huge change in appearance it wasn’t about shedding a lot of fat for me, it was about gaining a healthier lifestyle that allowed me to feel good and the minor changes I noticed in my appearance were enough to assure me I had made the right choice. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to build themselves a new lifestyle and not just a quick fix!

- Neha

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