Track And tone 

Do you struggle with knowing where to start with calculating your macros? Or knowing what exercises to do when you head into the gym?

Then TRACK AND TONE was created for you! This 38 page guide you will help you break past your plateau.

In this guide includes:
> 6 weeks worth of gym workouts with a 4 day/week split focusing on burning fat and toning up. 
> How to properly calculate your macros.
> Grocery list ideas.
> Sample meal plans.
> Proper warm up.
> Cardio suggestions.
> Hashtags to search each exercise.
> Tips to measure progress.

Track and Tone will give you the tools necessary to kickstart tracking your macros and provide you with an effective exercise plan so you can build a body you LOVE.

You will receive instant access to download this guide once it is purchased.

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$67.99 CAD

$67 CAD