Ready for a complete workout guide that will help you shed body fat and see muscle definition? You are only 8 weeks away from finally seeing results!

Within Lift With Liv, you will find all of the tools you need to master your workouts these next 2 months.

What you get in this 38 page guide:

- 8 weeks worth of workouts with a 5 day workout split.
- Video demonstrations for each exercise.
- Nutrition & health tips: Water intake, protein intake, micronutrients, portion sizes, following the 80/20, etc. 
- Altering your mindset for success.
- Training tips on choosing weights in the gym, progressive overload, cardio recommendations, tracking progress, supersets, etc.
- Suggested workout split.
- Proper warm up.
- Proper cool down.
- AND so much more!!

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It’s time to level up!

*Please note - this guide does not go into calculating or tracking macros. If you are interested in this, please refer to my Track and Tone guide. No Refunds all sales are final.

$44.99 CAD